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Some Civil War games at the Cold Wars 2013 wargaming convention


I attended the Friday night sessions of the 2013 Cold Wars miniature wargaming convention in Lancaster, Pa. The above photo is a section of a 25mm game of the Battle of Groveton, presented by Ohio gamemaster Jim Kopchak. The fighting resulted in a Union victory when the Rebel commanders retired. Jim used his own home-grown set of rules, Civil War Commander II.


Another shot of Jim’s 25mm layout. Jim’s rules include a unique “capture the flag” system of determining victory points. When a unit ir eliminated, that player who lost the unit must give 1 or 2 flags (depending upon the unit) to his opponent as trophies of war.

Here are more photos of Jim’s game, as well as Regimental Fire & Fury games by Lowell Hamilton and Rich Hasenauer, and a skirmish game by John Michael Priest.

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What’s your favorite 15mm ACW cavalry manufacturer?


The 15mm ACW cavalry figures above were part of a very large collection I purchased many, many years ago on eBay or from Bartertown; I don’t recall which. I sold off the infantry and artillery, and kept the cavalry and several nice supply wagons, as well as marines and a naval brigade. I think these may be old Heritage Confederettes, but I really don’t know for sure. I also have cavalry from Essex and Old Glory, as well as a few scattered figures from other makers. The ones in the photo above have corresponding dismounted figures and horseholder stands.

What is your favorite ACW 15mm (or 25mm, for that matter) manufacturer of mounted cavalry figures, and why?

And, do you prefer to paint separate horses and riders and then glue them together, or do you like the kind above, where it’s all one single molded sculpture?

Do you use horseholders and horse figures? Do  they play a role in your favorite rules, or are they strictly decorative?

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Free 15mm ACW flags


A few years ago, I switched from hand-painted metal flags (a la Stone Mountain) to paper flags for all my armies. I replaced many of the soft metal flagpoles with piano wire for strength and rigidity. The paper flags I purchased from Cotton Jim’s, which I believe are among the best 15mm Civil War flags around. I aged them, added a ragged and bullet-holed look, and folded them to look like they were flowing in the breeze. Then, I added tassels and/or ribbons. Flagpoles were painted brown and dry brushed gray to look weathered. I also picked up quite a few figures from Larry Reber, who also uses Cotton Jim’s flags for his professionally painted armies.

That being said, I did make a few command stands using free flags I downloaded from the web. There are a few websites that offer free ACW flags. Some are good; some not as nice. The price is the best part – free is a word I can identify with! I have a very good color laser printer at home that Debi and I to print the hard copy Charge newsletter, so the image resolution and color fidelity are very good. Results with ink jet printers may vary a bit.

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