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Some more photographs of my 15mm AWI gaming

Some of you have asked for a few more photographs of my 15mm American Revolution games. Here are some more, as taken by Tom Poston at a past Cold Wars gaming convention in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch and Amish county). Click on the four photos to enlarge them for better detail.

British infantry masses for an attack on the American center. It should not take long to clean up this minor affair. The Americans are an undisciplined lot, and the training and experience of our officers and men will carry the day. “Steady, men, steady,” comes the reassuring word from the colonel. “God bless King George. Fix bayonets!”

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American War of Independence

Continental dragoons attack the British flank.

(Click on the photos to enlarge them.)

Occasionally I will drag out my 15mm AWI figures and play a game either with the Sons of Liberty rules or with the Johnny Reb 3 variant Lee Barnes originally came up with for the horse & musket period.  I must confess that I know far, far too little about the American Revolution (at least compared to the Civil War), even through my 7th great-grandfather Moses Mingus fought in Colonel William Malcolm’s Regiment under famed general and politician Aaron Burr, and later reenlisted in the 1st New York for the duration of the war. Following the cessation of hostilities, he accepted a land grant in southern Ohio, which is how I came to be a native-born Buckeye as his descendants predominantly have stayed put in the Buckeye State.

I always enjoy watching AWI games at the various conventions I go to, but my time is usually so limited that I focus on the ACW gaming action, particularly of course any Johnny Reb games. However, the color and diversity of the AWI beckons me, and perhaps I will get more into the period as I get more time in the future.

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