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Some more info on the old Dobbin House diorama at Gettysburg


A vintage photograph of the Gettysburg Battlefield Diorama in the old Dobbin House on Steinwehr Avenue in Gettysburg.

Background post: The long gone Dobbin House diorama at Gettysburg

A Charge! reader sent me some interesting information on the Gettysburg Diorama that used to be located in the historic Dobbin House in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The diorama was constructed by a York, PA, man, Curvin Heiss and his son. Heiss hard carved the molds and then cast the figures. He and his son Curvin Jr. then hand painted the 54mm Civil War figures.

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Custom-made figures by Mannie Gentile

The 3rd Michigan Volunteer Infantry on the dusty road en route to an unknown fate at the next battle. The men and boys are confident, knowing that they are in the capable hands of their beloved Colonel Gentile, who has been carefully preparing them for action.

Antietam Park Ranger Mannie Gentile is a long-time fan of toy soldiers, a passion we share. He lived for many years in Michigan, where I am sure he had plenty of cold winter nights to produce and paint his own customized 54mm ACW toy soldiers.

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Lone Star figures from England

Recently, I dragged out one of my old cardboard boxes of vintage 54mm plastic figures for my little grandson to play with. As he rummaged through the box, he came across a metal figure, which he had a blast playing with, carrying it all over the rec room. I don’t recall where I first obtained the figure as a kid, and it may have been included in various collections I picked up from older neighbor kids when they tired of playing with toy soldiers.

The die-cast metal figure is of Chief Black Hawk. Does anyone know much about this company and its products? Any idea when this figure would have been made? Did Lone Star have an extensive line? How were the figures packaged and what was the suggested retail price? 

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