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My 1:600 Mississippi River town

(Click on each photo to enlarge it for better viewing of the details)

I purchased a few 1:600 scale model Civil War buildings from Bay Area Yards a couple of weeks ago. After painting these tiny structures (that was a painstaking task!) I decided to mount them as modular mini-vignettes that I could adjust and expand for various future ACW naval wargaming scenarios. These buildings were a buck or two apiece and are useful for detailing and modification.

The docks and piers are busy places as the riverfront bustles with activity. No one suspects that the next day will bring the specter of war to Johnson’s Bend, Mississippi. A Yankee fleet under Admiral David Dixon Porter is steaming downriver to capture the supplies being stored in the town’s many warehouses.

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On-line ACW naval ship registry!

Some of my fleet of 1:600 Thoroughbred and Peter Pig American Civil War riverine / naval ironclads and ships.

Scott Downing, a veteran gamemaster from the Carlisle region of central Pennsylvania,  recently came across my CHARGE! blog and subsequently contacted me. As I am a neophyte at ACW naval gaming, I am always interested in soaking up more information on the Civil War navies and fleets, and their battles and tactics. He has his own blog on WordPress as well and we have since recently exchanged link to each others’ wargaming blogs.  Scott just recently started an ACW Naval Shop and Boat Registry, which he is hoping to have it to a point where it becomes a one-stop shop for information on a particular vessel.

This is the registry:

Scott welcomes your input as to your own research and findings on ships of both the Confederate and Union navies, including brownwater and other riverine, deep sea, and coastal.

He is looking for people that can provide info that is missing on the current registry. Users can simply leave comments on the ships page with the info and its source, and he will update the page.

So, pay a visit to his neat blog and type away! Any and all documented information is appreciated!

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ACW Naval: Johnson’s Bend, Part 2

Union and Confederate naval forces collide near the Mississippi River town of Johnson’s Bend, Missouri. Ironclads thunder away at each other while speedy Rebel rams look for an opening to slice open the hull of the enemy craft.

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ACW Naval: The Battle of Johnson’s Bend

(Click on each photo to enlarge it for easier viewing)

I am playtesting a scenario for this year’s Historicon gaming convention using several 1/1200 riverine ships from Toby Barrett that I purchased last year from one of my gaming friends.  The scenario will involve more than a dozen of Thoroughbred Figures’ various pewter ironclads, cottonclads, timberclads, and other sundry gunboats and vessels.

Here are some photographs of today’s play test… I am enjoying my foray into ACW naval wargaming!

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Miscellaneous photographs from Fall-In 2009

fallin2009 016

I attended the Fall-In convention at Gettysburg in early November and presented a 15mm wargame of my Johnny Reb 3 scenario for the Battle of Monocacy. During downtime after my game and before playing in some other Civil War games, I took a few random photos of other ACW games being played on other tables, both land battles (as shown above; I think this was a Fire & Fury game) and naval battles. I also snapped a couple of other games that I enjoyed watching.

fallin2009 008

Here’s a nice little 1:600 Confederate fort in one of the many Civil War naval games being played at this year’s Fall-In.  Union Naval guns were trying to silence the bastion, with some success.

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Getting into ACW naval / riverine miniature wargaming


I recently purchased a collection of painted and assembled 1:600 model Civil War boats, all of which are from Toby Barrett‘s Thoroughbred Figures. I went out and bought two yards of dark blue denim from Wal-Mart in historic Hanover, Pennsylvania, to use as coastal waters, and will later pick up some black denim when available for the darker, muddier look of the Mississippi River. At the suggestion of veteran naval wargamer Tim Marshall, I also purchased 2 yards of clear, thick vinyl to add gloss and sheen to the layout, and to make it very easy to move the boats (they tend to catch on the fabric). The denim has some directionality, so the ridges follow the direction of the water movement and the hint of white adds to the look of the layout.


The Union boats include the heavy ironclads Benton and Essex, as well as two City class ironclads (the Cairo and Mound City; this class was often called “Pook’s turtles” or “Eads’ turtles” for their distinctive shape and appearance in the water). In the back are a pair of Ellet rams, the Monarch and Queen of the West, plus the timberclad gunboat Tyler, which served at the Battle of Shiloh.

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