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Civil War diorama: Gettysburg on June 30, 1863


My friend Larry Reber of was kind enough to send me a series of recent photographs he took of the old diorama of downtown Gettysburg as depicted on June 30, 1863, as Brig. Gen. John Buford leads his cavalry into the town square. They are headed west of town to the ridges near Marsh Creek, where videttes and patrols will keep an eye out for Confederates advancing from the west. Additional troopers will fan out north of town, watching for Ewell’s Corps coming down from Carlisle.

The diorama originally was part of the old Charley Weaver Museum on Cemetery Hill, which went under new ownership after “Weaver” died (his real name was Cliff Arquette). The diorama is now in the Union Drummer Boy relics shop on Baltimore Street. Over the next few days, I will post nearly two dozen shots of this interesting diorama. While not exactly historically accurate, it does give a good useful representation of the Gettysburg that John Buford would have seen.

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More photos from Dennis Morris

Bigelow’s Battery in the chaos near the Peach Orchard during the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg. Zook’s Brigade engages Kershaw’s South Carolinians in the background.

I know dioramist and Gettysburg buff Dennis Morris from a message board we both have frequented in the past,, which is among the oldest of these cyberspace Civil War communities. Dennis was kind enough to send me a few photos to be used in the upcoming Brother Against Brother gaming scenario book, Brothers Divided, that Ivor Janci and I are co-authoring.

I had previously shared some of his work with Charge! blog readers in an earlier post. Here are a few more shots of Dennis’s very impressive Gettysburg diorama, which has become his labor of love.

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Gettysburg diorama on display in Tampa, Florida

Impressive Gettysburg diorama at Tampa’s Nuances Galleries

Channel 10 TV (WTSB, has a recent article and photo posted on their website about a Civil War display in a local art gallery, Nuances Galleries. For several of the past nine years, gallery owner Robert Rowan has exhibited hand-built  dioramas as a way of teaching kids about history in a visual setting.

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Art prints from Dennis Morris’s Gettysburg Civil War diorama

Miniaturist Dennis Morris has taken a series of photographs of his excellent Gettysburg HO scale diorama and made them available as art prints. They are for sale at American Historical Art in downtown Gettysburg (34 York Street, just east of the town square), as well as over the Internet directly from Dennis. They cover the southern portion of the second day’s fighting at Gettysburg and depict the miniatures in action, set against a photographic background of the actual battlefield. Some of these are really nice. Fans of the Irish Brigade will want to have a look at Dennis’s work, as well as South Carolinians who follow Kershaw’s Palmetto brigade.

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Another small Civil War diorama – Skirmish of Wrightsville

As many of you are aware, my passion for Civil War miniature wargaming was sparked by my childhood love for playing mock battles in the sandbox under my Dad’s apple trees. Marx, Lido, MPC, Lido, Britains, Swoppets, Tim Mee, and other plastic warriors staged many a fight. Over the years, I have also acquired an interest in Civil War dioramas (well frankly, any historical dioramas), and have previously posted on this blog some thoughts on some of my favorite public miniature displays, as well as one of the largest private dioramas.

One that I have not previously discussed here is a different kind of diorama. Instead of a sweeping battle vista filled with hundreds or thousands of miniature soldiers, this particular diorama is more of an architectural rendition, but because it pertains to one of the ACW fights here in York County, PA, I wanted to share it with the readership.

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More photos of my 15mm layout


In a recent post, I shared a quintet of photographs of my 15mm South Mountain JR3 game. Several of you asked for more photos so you could take a crack at making your own mountain layout. The table in the photos was for two of my regimental-level scenarios that appeared in Undying Courage: Antietam in Miniature (the Fox’s Gap PM scenario and Turner’s Gap), both of which make for very interesting convention games.

Click to see a few more photographs!

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