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BGB Games’ excellent ACW wargame photos


Another very nice looking Civil War miniature wargame in progress!

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Hard copy Charge #20 to be mailed early!!!

Because of our daughter’s upcoming August wedding (and thanks to many writers who submitted articles early enough), Debi and I will be mailing the planned August issue earlier than usual this time so that we can focus our energies and attention on the final planning for the big event. For a father, walking my little girl down the altar will be one of the biggest highlights of my life, and we are all so excited and counting down the days.

For your summer reading and miniature wargaming pleasure, here are some of the articles and scenarios you can look forward to in Issue #20 as the Johnny Reb Gaming Society closes out its 5th year as a non-profit organization, and our fanzine has become the leading current Civil War gaming periodical.
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Making your battlefield terrain look better!

Click on the photo to enlarge it. This is an example of filling all of the open space on a gaming table with low cost, easy-to-make terrain features. The photo is of Scott Mingus’ s 15mm layout of Union II Corps troops (“Red” Carroll’s Gibraltar Brigade) marching through a northern Maryland village en route to Gettysburg. The gaming table looked almost like a diorama using the proverbial “two-foot rule.”

I really enjoy gaming the Eastern Theater of the American Civil War, because I had ancestors who fought there, as well as some in the Western Theater (my great-great-uncles, the Chambers boys, were in the 7th West Virginia Infantry at Antietam and Gettysburg, and my great-great-grandfather Pvt. John D.  Sisson of Dover, Ohio, was a drummer in the 51st Ohio Volunteer Infantry). Many eastern battlefields were in rolling, open farm country, which offers the opportunity to add considerable color and variety to the gaming table.

The key, to me, is to fill as much of the open space as possible with terrain features. Fields of various colors and textures, large quantities of fencing and stone walls (a diversity of styles of fences helps!), scattered trees even in non-wooded areas — all serve to break up the sightlines and add depth and variety to the observer.

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Which rules set do you prefer?

jr3.jpgrally.jpgI started wargaming back in college at Miami of Ohio in the late 1970s,  primarily using Stars ‘N Bars by Scott Bowden. Not long afterwards, I was exposed to a typewritten set of tables and charts from some Indiana gamer named John Hill, a set of rules destined to become Johnny Reb. I played JR1, JR2, and finally JR3, and obviously from this blog’s title, I remain a leading adherent of this rules set. However, I have played a number of rules over the years at conventions or privately, and I must say that there are good ideas in all of them. Perhaps a hybrid is what is really needed?

 I founded Charge! newsletter originally to promote JR3 gaming, and it has remained steady at a couple hundred hard copies each quarter. Over time, I have opened the pages to other regimental scenarios (such as for Regimental Fire & Fury and Rally Round The Flag, as these are readily convertible to Johnny Reb, and they add diversity and variety to the magazine). I am encouraging more authors from these alternative rules sets to also submit their work to Debi and I, and we hope to post more in the future.

 While I remain a fan of JR3, I enjoy Civil War history even more, and I enjoy a good regimental game no matter what the rules set may be. I am even branching out into ACW naval thanks to my new fellow York Countian, Bob Johnson, who has re-hooked me on riverine warfare gaming.

 In your opinion, what are the relative strengths and weaknesses of JR3 versus the other major rules sets for regimental-level Civil War miniature gaming? I plan to eventually write a Charge! article comparing and contrasting the top six or so rules sets, but, for now, I solicit your input and thoughts. Please leave comments with specifics on what you like and don’t like about RFNF, JR3, RRTF, Mr. Lincoln’s War, ABL, Honor &  Glory, Civil War Commander, Piquet, etc.



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