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Some Civil War games at the Cold Wars 2013 wargaming convention


I attended the Friday night sessions of the 2013 Cold Wars miniature wargaming convention in Lancaster, Pa. The above photo is a section of a 25mm game of the Battle of Groveton, presented by Ohio gamemaster Jim Kopchak. The fighting resulted in a Union victory when the Rebel commanders retired. Jim used his own home-grown set of rules, Civil War Commander II.


Another shot of Jim’s 25mm layout. Jim’s rules include a unique “capture the flag” system of determining victory points. When a unit ir eliminated, that player who lost the unit must give 1 or 2 flags (depending upon the unit) to his opponent as trophies of war.

Here are more photos of Jim’s game, as well as Regimental Fire & Fury games by Lowell Hamilton and Rich Hasenauer, and a skirmish game by John Michael Priest.

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Saturday games at Cold Wars 2010

Phil Viverto’s impressive Battle of Alesia, an ancient Roman/Gaul battle

I spent much of Saturday, March 13 at the annual Cold Wars miniature wargaming convention in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I sold a lot of books at the flea market and shopped at the dealer hall. In between, I took a few photos of several different games being presented in the Distlefink Ballroom and in the meeting rooms of the Lancaster Host Resort and Conference Center, as well as a couple nice mini-dioramas / vignettes on display in the dealer hall.

The above photo was my favorite game to view during the entire convention. The gamemaster has a small fortune (well, maybe a large fortune) tied up in the spectacular fortifications, which the picture does not do justice to. It was quite simply, one of the finest layouts I have yet seen for the ancients period.

Here are some photographs… click on them to enlarge the images for better viewing.

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Cold Wars 2010 – my 15mm Pipe Creek game

I ran a 15mm Civil War miniature wargame today at the annual Cold Wars convention in Lancaster, PA. There were 8 players in the game, and we used the new Johnny Reb 3 random events cards designed by Robert Sweeney. They add a little suspense to the strategy, and getting the right card at the right time can be quite helpful (and hurtful to the opponent).

The scenario is the Union I Corps’ defense of a bridge over the Taneytown Road just north of Uniontown, Maryland. This is based upon Meade’s planned Pipe Creek Line during the Gettysburg Campaign. Indiana’s “Long Sol” Meredith positions the famed Iron Brigade of the West to repel an attack by Joseph Pettigrew’s Confederate brigade.

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Some more Cold Wars 2009 photographs!


Naval action at the 2009 Cold Wars miniature wargaming convention held at Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


A fun looking game with nicely done modular terrain tiles game set in the ancient Orient…

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