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Custer’s Last Stand — Little Big Horn 1876 Battle Anniversary Commemoration in 28mm

Game Day Invitation



Saturday 9 June 2012

FULL-DAY version of 1-1 wargame w/original Old-Glory 28mm miniatures as presented at ORIGINS, GENCON, HISTORICON & UK.

* LOCATION:   “FAIRVIEW GRANGE” — 6270 Tuscarawas Road, Industry, PA  15052 (Near Pittsburgh, PA)




1.  GAME MASTERS:  Paul Olszanski, Pete Panzeri and LBH Team.


2.  Multi-media Presentations by author/GM Pete Panzeri on

·        The Little Big Horn 1876 Campaign (Osprey, 1996) *[Book-signings@5pm.]


·        Plains Wars Tactics and Operations  (The Ohio State University, 1997)


·        “Crazy Horse Rules!” (SmallWarsPress)


3.   Pre-Battle Planning and Operations Sessions


4.  Mid-Battle “Camaraderie”


5.  Post Battle After Action Review & publication


6.  Video & Photo Sessions for Wargames Illustrated 300th issue.


* Open to all BUT …



* EMAIL: — for confirmation and further instructions. Note: It may be 4-6 days to confirm your spot as demand has been very high.


* Event is FREE, but a small donation onsite for facility/costs may be appreciated.

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East Cavalry Field at Gettysburg in 15mm


(Click to enlarge the photo for better viewing of the details)

Elements of Albert Jenkins’ brigade of Confederate mounted infantry from (west) Virginia form dismounted skirmish battle lines on Cress Ridge (right center) during the Battle of Gettysburg. In the foreground is Col. John R. Chambliss’s mounted brigade on Hoffman Ridge. Photo of a game presented at Historicon a few years ago by Scott L. Mingus, Sr.

In the center of the above photograph is the Rummel farm, which changed hands several times during the often savage encounter. To the upper left along the Stallsmith farm lane is the Virginia brigade of FitzHugh Lee, which will later launch a major mounted attack that will be met by a pair of Michigan regiments. At the right center, dismounted Federals of George Armstrong Custer’s 6th Michigan skirmish with Jenkins’ men, now commanded by Lt. Col. Vincent Witcher. In the distance (top right corner) is John McIntosh’s Union brigade, which includes the 3rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry.

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New Custer monument at Hunterstown, Pennsylvania

(Click to enlarge)

Several descendants of Michigan Brigade soldiers and other interested persons donated money to acquire a small piece of land at Hunterstown and erect one of the country’s newest Civil War monuments. This marble slab and bronze relief is dedicated to Brig. Gen. George Armstrong Custer, who led the Michigan Brigade (the “Michigan Wolverines”) into action at Hunterstown against the troops of Wade Hampton III of the Confederate cavalry during the Gettysburg Campaign.

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