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New Gettysburg Visitors Center – Part 2

The new Gettysburg Museum offered a dazzling array of things to look at, including these overhead photographs of various Civil War battles. I just wish more of the things from the old VC were also included – perhaps in the future…

Background posts: My first visit to the new Visitors Center; Gilder Lehrman Collection

Cleveland-area miniature wargamer Jim Kopchak, the author of the new rules set Civil War Commander, spent much of yesterday with me touring the new Gettysburg Visitors Center, focusing on the Gettysburg Civil War Museum housed there. We spent a couple hours doing a cursory walk-through, although crowds were very heavy and it was tough to spend any appreciable time at any single display case. I took a few shots, although the majority of my photos did not turn out as the camera’s museum setting failed me, and darkness reigned. Flash photography is forbidden in the VC, as I found out during my last visit when I made the acquaintance of a NPS ranger I had not previously met.

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New Gettysburg Visitors Center

Throngs of tourists packed the new Gettysburg National Military Park Visitors Center on its first Saturday in operation.

I was in Gettysburg yesterday as a guest author to sign books at a couple of places, including the Gettysburg Gift Center / Wax Museum. Afterward, my son Tom and I drove over to the new Visitors Center to check it out. There are three significant parking lots for cars, as well as a separate one for buses and RVs. All are a healthy walk from the VC entrance, but not so far as to be an issue for most individuals.  The building itself is in a style that is reminiscent of the farms of the region, with a gray stone morif for the “farmhouse” section and a red wooden look for the “round barn” section. The architecture works, as does the overall layout of this sprawling facility.

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