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U.S. Cavalry awaits an unseen enemy

Advance skirmishers from the 6th U.S. Cavalry await the expected approach of enemy troopers off to the east. “Grumble” Jones’ Rebel horsemen have dismounted and are slowly working their way toward the Federal position.  They will need to cross a muddy plowed field while under the carbine fire from the blue-bellies, whose mission is to slow the Laurel Brigade as long as possible to allow time for the rest of Wesley Merritt’s Regular Brigade to arrive on the scene and deploy.

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Miniature World Maker – Ten Years Later

Back in the late 1990s, when I still lived in the “snow belt” northeast of Cleveland, Ohio, I sent away for several finished rubber terrain pieces from an Australian company known as Miniature World Maker. They were well done and ready to throw down on the gaming table, and my kids and I got a lot of initial use from them as is. I wrote an article on the company and its products of the time for the now defunct magazine, The Zouave, which started my relationship with its publisher, Ivor Janci, who I now consider a good friend. (Ivor and I of course are now collaborating on yet another full-color scenario book, this one for Brother Against Brother.) Miniature World Maker was kind enough to help sponsor a wargame of mine at HMGS-Great Lakes’ annual Advance the Colors gaming convention then held near Dayton, Ohio.

Years later, I still use MWM’s products for many of my wargaming activities…

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