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Casemate releases new book on the Union blockade and coastal warfare during the Civil War

Casemate Publishing is the national distributor for my most popular book, Flames Beyond Gettysburg: The Gordon Expedition, June 1863. David Farnsworth and his crew are excellent to work with, and are a credit to the historical publishing community.

Casemate’s newest Civil War release comes out in May 2010, Strangling the Confederacy: Coastal Operations in the American Civil War. Written by Kevin Dougherty, this book is a sweeping overview of the U.S. Navy Board’s ambitious 1861 plan to systematically capture key ports and cities all along the Atlantic and Gulf coast of the breakaway Confederacy. A small group of leading scientists, engineers, and naval officers formulated a plan of operations that targeted Rebel-held coastal fortifications and towns, which was approved by the Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles as a vital step in the overall objective of strangling the Confederacy through a naval blockade and then picking off the cities one-by-one. The book is an admirable effort in giving the casual reader an excellent summary of the key operations within the plan, broken down by theater and target in roughly chronological order. A special focus is given to the three most difficult objectives – Charleston, Mobile, and Fort Fisher / Wilmington.

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