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“The character of the country was very rough, uneven, and heavily wooded.”


Hundreds of model trees are needed to recreate the Battle of the Wilderness, parts of the Siege of Atlanta, parts of Chickamauga, Shiloh, and other prominent Civil War battles.

Background post: Creating cheap model trees for your gaming table.

The various battles and engagements of the American Civil War offer a rich diversity of options for the miniature wargamer, from the broad prairies in the Trans-Mississippi Theater to the open, rolling farmland of Maryland and Pennsylvania. Several battlefields were thickly wooded, and for the budget challenged wargamer, present a unique challenge — how to cover a 4’x6′ (or larger) table space with sufficient trees to convey the visual impression of a dense forest.

During the Atlanta Campaign in July 1864, the commander of the 33rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Captain T. A. Minshall, bemoaned his regiment’s route to battle. “The character of the country was very rough, uneven, and heavily wooded.” A couple weeks later, on August 5, he described an attack near Utoy Creek, “The enemy was driven about three-quarters of a mile through a thick wood of timber and underbrush, where we came upon him in his works, quietly waiting our attack.” (Quotes taken from the Official Records, Volume XXXVIII, Part 1, Pages 548 and 552.)

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Rick Dunn’s 10mm ACW game


The late afternoon shadows creep over the battlefield as the sun dips to the horizon.

Rick Dunn is a friend of Civil War Commander rules set author Jim Kopchak. Rick was kind enough to send the Johnny Reb Gaming Society three photographs of his recent 10mm Civil War game.

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Jim Kopchak’s 15mm ACW wargame

All photos by Doug Rogers of Mentor, Ohio. Click to enlarge.

Jim Kopchak is a Cleveland-area wargamer that I first met when I lived in the “snow belt” in an adjoining county. He’s a great guy and a talented gamer, who happens to consistently roll the dice better than me when we used to occasionally play Johnny Reb 3 together! In that regard, he certainly is not unique! LOL. Jim has published an interesting set of Civil War miniature wargaming rules entitled Civil War Commander. Here are some photos taken my my old buddy Doug Rogers at a recent ACW game Jim ran at the Drums Across the Maumee wargaming convention sponsored by HMGS-Great Lakes.

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Some more terrific Civil War gaming layout photographs!!!

Here is a series of photographs submitted by Lord Ashram of his layout. For much, much more, see his excellent wargaming blog, which has some really great photos and advice. And, check out his fantastic gaming room and cabinetry to store his figures. That really gives me some ideas on what to do in my gaming room! As usual, click on the photos to see slightly larger images in a new window.

A brigade prepares for action…

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Some more 15mm ACW gaming action!

Note how all the farm fields add color and variety to this gaming tabletop, which represents my 15mm depiction of the fighting on Day 1 of the three-day Battle of Gettysburg. Specifically, this is the area between Blocher’s Knoll / Rock Creek and the Adams County Almshouse. The Schultz mansion is the white house in the upper right corner of the photograph. The actual house still stands, although the barn, fencing, and outbuildings are long gone. This house served for some time as Dick Ewell’s HQ and conference room.

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15mm Battle Action from Keith Williamson!

Long sweeping lines of Yankees prepare to engage the Confederates in the early morning light as the fog lifts. Within hours, the lush farm fields will be trampled and the sturdy wooden fencing torn down or otherwise destroyed. The scene was a familiar one in some places in the South, particularly in the Shenandoah Valley, where the town of Winchester changed hands more than seventy times and saw at least five major battles fought nearby.

Charge reader Keith Williamson has submitted a photograph of one of his recent 15mm Civil War miniature wargames. Note how the use of the fencing breaks up the tabletop and adds more interest. Also, note his terrain squares..

Thanks for sending the JRGS this photo, Keith!

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Larry Reeves’ ACW miniature wargaming

Holding the village (click photos to enlarge)

Here is the second entry to the Johnny Reb Gaming Society’s contest for Civil War miniatures. This one comes from Larry Reeves of the Jackson Gamers in Mississippi.  He was the gamemaster this past April for a club game conducted at the HobbyTown USA store in Jackson. The 15mm Confederate figures are all from Stone Mountain, while the Yankees are from Musket Miniatures, two venerable manufacturers with their origins in Colorado.

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Charge #19 mailed to JRGS members!

Photograph by Thomas M. Mingus of York, PA. Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.

Issue #19, as with all previous issues of the hard copy Charge! Civil War newsletter, has been mailed on-time and should arrive in your various mailboxes within the next few days. Debi and I are winding up our fifth year of publication of this “fanzine,” which has become the most popular Civil War-only miniature wargaming publication in current print. We thank you, the readership, for your support all these years, especially when I was thinking of stopping the effort, and with renewed energy and passion, we look forward to the 6th year!

This issue begins with a revealing interview with gamemaster and Charles S. Roberts Award winner John Hill, whose authorship of the Johnny Reb rules have provided so many hours of entertainment (and a little controversy at times!) for thousands of ACW buffs and wargamers around the world. We present three original ACW 15mm scenarios that are convertable for other rules sets such as Regimental Fire & Fury, Mr. Lincoln’s War, Johnny Reb 2, Civil War Commander, A Glint of Bayonets, and others. These scenarios are for the battles of Cloyd’s Mountain (in the early campaign for what became the new state of West Virginia), Ezra Church (in the Western Theater’s Atlanta Campaign), and Peralta (way out west in the Southwest). Three widely different scenarios from three widely different campaigns!!!

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An excellent evening!

I was invited to join a couple of Johnny Reb 2 wargamers from Louisiana for an evening of conversation and dinner at the Pub & Restaurant on the square in downtown Gettysburg, a short drive from my home in the adjacent county. It was a delightful evening, spent eating outstanding food and discussing the merits of JR2 versus JR3 and the changes in field artillery strength and realism, as well as the other nuances of the two gaming systems. I shared a few anecdotes from my manuscript, A Spirit of Daring: The Louisiana Tigers in the Gettysburg Campaign, which has been submitted from publication, and we briefly toured the Day 1 fields where the Tigers advanced with Col. I. E. Avery’s Tar Heels toward the Eleventh Corps.

One thing I love about meeting wargamers from around the world is learning how they got into a love for ACW history and for wargaming / toy soldiers. These two new friends got their start with Airfix 1/72 scale plastic figures. I started with 54mm Marx figures and got really hooked on 20mm K+L / Thomas metal figures when I was in college at Miami of Ohio. One of the Louisiana wargamers is a direct descendant of George Ellsworth, the famed telegrapher for John Hunt Morgan during Morgan’s Raid of 1863. Ironically, the remnants of Morgan’s Raiders passed through the area where I grew up (Muskingum County, Ohio) as they crossed the Muskingum River desperately trying to evade Union pursuit and to find a way to turn south to West Virginia and presumed safety. Continue reading

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