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GHQ Terrain Maker hex kits

GHQ Terrain Maker hexes with rubber terrain pieces from Miniature World Maker in the left front and center.

Among my few regrets in my life was my short-sighted decision to sell off my collection of 300+ custom-made GHQ Terrain Maker hexes I finished in the 1990s. Making those hexes gave me hours of entertainment and pleasure, particularly on those cold Cleveland winter nights when the wind whipping off Lake Erie made it too treacherous to do much except stay home by the fireplace.

I used the hexes for many hours of gaming with my sons and friends, but in a poor decision during a mid-life crisis, I sold them and shipped them away. Every now and then, the urge hits me to place another order with GHQ and get back into the hex-making business, or to cut my own from insulation board from the local Lowes or Home Depot.

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FREE scenarios that are adaptible to JR3!

GHQ graciously allowed me a few years ago to reproduce their “Heth Bar” scenario for the Battle of Gettysburg in an early issue of Charge! Now, they have recently updated their website with more than a dozen free regimental-level ACW scenarios. Most can be readily adapted or modified for use with Johnny Reb 3.

Have a look!

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More photos of my 15mm layout


In a recent post, I shared a quintet of photographs of my 15mm South Mountain JR3 game. Several of you asked for more photos so you could take a crack at making your own mountain layout. The table in the photos was for two of my regimental-level scenarios that appeared in Undying Courage: Antietam in Miniature (the Fox’s Gap PM scenario and Turner’s Gap), both of which make for very interesting convention games.

Click to see a few more photographs!

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