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Flexible 1″ dirt roads from Monday Knight Productions

At Fall-In 2009 I invested about $50 in purchasing a large quantity of flexible 1″ dirt roads from one of the vendors in the dealer hall. The roads were manufactured by Monday Knight Productions of Vancouver, Washington and come in three color selections (mine are the medium brown shade, which I like better for simulating roads of the Civil War era). The roads are made of latex and are durable and very flexible for undulating or hilly terrain layouts. I was never happy with the homemade roads I previously used, and I don’t like the cleanup required with laying down lots of fine grain brown flocking to represent roads, so these were a logical alternative. The Monday Knight products remind me of the old Scenic Effects flexible roads that a few of my gaming buddies use.

Here’s a quick look at these roads, and my efforts to paint them and flock them to match my tabletop terrain.

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Acme Terrain – WARNING: They are not shipping product or returning money at this time


The Iron Brigade advances toward a line of Confederates defending a zig-zag fence (sometimes also referred to as a Virginia worm fence). Collection of Scott Mingus; fencing by Acme Terrain. Photo taken March 21, 2009, in the HQ gameroom of the Johnny Reb Gaming Society.





Many of you know that I am a native of southern Ohio and am a die hard Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Browns fan.  I got my start in wargaming at Miami of Ohio back in the late 1970s. I still have great memories of several HMGS-Great Lakes conventions!

Fellow Buckeye Randy Miller of Dayton operates Acme Terrain, a gaming supply and accessory manufacturing concern. He sent me a small box of demo fences to give our CHARGE! blog readers an idea of the high quality of his finished, painted, and flocked fence sections. As you can see from the photo, although scaled for 10mm, they work just fine for 15mm figures!

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Miniature World Maker – Ten Years Later

Back in the late 1990s, when I still lived in the “snow belt” northeast of Cleveland, Ohio, I sent away for several finished rubber terrain pieces from an Australian company known as Miniature World Maker. They were well done and ready to throw down on the gaming table, and my kids and I got a lot of initial use from them as is. I wrote an article on the company and its products of the time for the now defunct magazine, The Zouave, which started my relationship with its publisher, Ivor Janci, who I now consider a good friend. (Ivor and I of course are now collaborating on yet another full-color scenario book, this one for Brother Against Brother.) Miniature World Maker was kind enough to help sponsor a wargame of mine at HMGS-Great Lakes’ annual Advance the Colors gaming convention then held near Dayton, Ohio.

Years later, I still use MWM’s products for many of my wargaming activities…

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