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New owners of Dave’s Baggage Train offering 10% discount for Charge! readers


Phil and Robin Spera have assumed ownership of Dave’s Baggage Train following Dave’s passing away. They are offering all Johnny Reb Gaming Society members and CHARGE! blog readers a special 10% discount for all orders placed between now and Cold Wars 2012! Simply mention the code word “scott mingus discount” when you place your order to receive this special pricing. Visit their website at Dave’s Baggage Train and then decide what you want to order. Talk with either Phil or Robin, and receive your discount when you order. Or, you can e-mail Phil at

I have used this system for several HMGS-East conventions, and have added to my collection of trays and cases. Here are photographs at some of my Civil War miniature wargaming items as stored in the trays that I purchased for use with the carrying cases.


Here is a quick look at the armies in their new home. They are mounted on metal bases for Johnny Reb 3 and the plastic army trays are lined with magnetic sheeting. Figures were painted by Scott Mingus and by Larry Reber of Gettysburg Soldiers.

And now a few more pix…

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Gettysburg Miniature Soldiers’ expanded store!

Some time ago I reviewed John Zabawa’s Gettysburg Miniature Soldiers, one of my favorite stores in Gettysburg. Click here to see the photos of John’s previous store, which occupied less than half the space he now has since he expanded into a vacated adjacent business. Here are some photos I took today in Gettysburg as I dropped off some of my Civil War books to John (he now carries my autographed books Flames Beyond Gettysburg and the Louisiana Tigers in the Gettysburg Campaign, as well as the ACW naval rules River Wars which I edited and published).


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Brothers Divided scenario book being printed!


Ivor Janci is busy digitally printing Brothers Divided, our new book with a dozen new original scenarios for Brother Against Brother and similar skirmish-level wargaming rules.  The next step will be to print the covers on a commercial offset printing press and send the text pages and the cover to the bindery. This should all be done in a couple of months! Included in the scenario book is a scenario for the June 27, 1863, Skirmish at Hanover Junction.

I took the above photograph at Hanover Junction, Pennsylvania,  on December 13 at 10:15 a.m., looking south at what in 1863 was the John Scott Hotel, which served as an de facto HQ for the 20th Pennsylvania Militia (well, it was the local tavern / bar, and the Federal officers liked to hang out there in the days before the skirmish). This is one of the buildings needed to play this fun and interesting scenario, in which the Virginia cavalry must chase off Pennsylvania militia and then sack and burn various buildings in the junction area.

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Some random photos of my 15mm games


A lonely Confederate supply wagon traverses the back roads of York County, Pennsylvania, during the Gettysburg Campaign. From a 15mm Civil War diorama created by Scott Mingus. This county was criss-crosssed by foragers from three separate Confederate operations in June 1863 — Albert Jenkins’ cavalry in northwestern York on June 26-28, then Jubal Early’s powerful division in central York County on June 27-30, and finally, on June 30-July1, by J.E.B. Stuart’s cavalry en route to Carlisle in the western, central and northwestern parts of the county.

For more random photos and my ramblings, click on the link…

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Stephen Huckaby’s 25mm ACW figures

Stephen Huckaby is an Erie, Pennsylvania, wargamer that I was fortunate to know when I lived in northeastern Ohio. He helps organize and coordinate the periodic Erie “Day of Gaming” regional mini-conventions. Here is a photo of some of his 25mm figures in action.

The first are Foundry 25mm Confederates painted by Stephen. This is a Brother Against Brother engagement… using a non-historical scenario. It was a pick-up game to introduce his brother (who was visiting from Georgia) to miniature gaming.

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JRGS members visit the Gettysburg Battlewalks 2008

Gettysburg Park Ranger Eric Campbell discusses the July 2 activities and actions of Maj. Gen. Winfield S. Hancock during the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg during the 145th Anniversary battlewalk earlier today. (Click all photos to enlarge them)

JRGS members and veteran wargamers Billy Ray Wagenseller, Curt Daniels, Roxanne Patton, Tom Mingus, and Scott Mingus were among the very large crowd taking in Eric Campbell’s extensive overview of General Hancock’s efforts to hold the left center during Longstreet’s Assault on July 2, 1863, 145 years ago today. (Click to enlarge – Curt is wearing the orange hat at the left center; his wife is to his immediate left; Tom is just in front of Curt wearing the green Mount Vernon Nazarene University shirt and blue parachute pants; Roxanne is to his right with the straw hat and light blue shorts; Billy Ray and Andrea are obscured by the mob.)

The Codori farm on a bright, sunny, beautiful morning in the Gettysburg National Military Park.

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Some more terrific Civil War gaming layout photographs!!!

Here is a series of photographs submitted by Lord Ashram of his layout. For much, much more, see his excellent wargaming blog, which has some really great photos and advice. And, check out his fantastic gaming room and cabinetry to store his figures. That really gives me some ideas on what to do in my gaming room! As usual, click on the photos to see slightly larger images in a new window.

A brigade prepares for action…

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Do you game with Native American ACW troops?

Today, June 23, marks the 143rd anniversary of the surrender of the last significant Confederate army – that of Brigadier General Stand Watie at Fort Towson in Indian Territory (now Oklahoma). He and his men were still in the field well after the passing of Robert E. Lee’s army, that of Joe Johnston, and those of the Western Theater, including Dick Taylor.  His forces were primarily comprised of Creek, Seminole, and Cherokee warriors, and marked one of the most significant concentrations of Native Americans in the Confederate ranks. He first came to national prominence at the Battle of Pea Ridge, where his men seized several Union artilery pieces and helped cover the Rebel retreat. He led his cavalry in numerous battles and engagements in the last two years of the war.

From a wargamer’s perspective, there are a number of options in 15mm and 25mm, and a few in 10mm. I have several stands of 15mm Indian infantry that I use for Pea Ridge and other battles. These are older Musket Miniatures figures, mixed in with some Ral Partha / RAFM figures. While they may certainly not be historically accurate in terms of clothing, hair styles, etc., they are good enough for me to at least represent Native Americans for the Western / Trans-Mississippi fighting. I use regular CSA western cavalry figures (slouch hats, etc.) painted with a copper skin-tone to portray Watie’s horsemen, as all I could find at the time at local hobby shops were Plains Indians, and those war bonnets looked out of place under the Confederate flag.

What do you use for your Native American Civil War stands? Does anyone have Union units as well – for example, those Cherokee troops of Opothleyahalo that fought at Round Mountain and other battles? Do you use any special rules for Native American troops in your game play?

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Some more 15mm ACW gaming action!

Note how all the farm fields add color and variety to this gaming tabletop, which represents my 15mm depiction of the fighting on Day 1 of the three-day Battle of Gettysburg. Specifically, this is the area between Blocher’s Knoll / Rock Creek and the Adams County Almshouse. The Schultz mansion is the white house in the upper right corner of the photograph. The actual house still stands, although the barn, fencing, and outbuildings are long gone. This house served for some time as Dick Ewell’s HQ and conference room.

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St. Crispins Irregulars – photos of their May 10 Hobby Day

The fight nears the Chancellor House. I wonder if the miniature Hooker command stand will lose its nerve after a near miss from a shell?

(Click on the photos to enlarge them)

Here is a series of photographs taken of a Civil War miniature wargame taken on May 10 at the St. Crispins Irregulars’ monthly Hobby Day in sunny Anaheim, California. The gamemaster and photo submitter is R. J. Galati. The table is a 28mm refight of the Battle of Chancellorsville. R. J. becomes the first entry in the contest for the autographed scenario book from Marek/Janci Design once Brothers Divided: Gettysburg in Miniature, Volume 1 becomes available.

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