Scott Mingus

Scott L. Mingus Sr. is a retired scientist and executive in the global paper industry and holds patents in self-adhesive postage stamps and bar code labels. The Ohio native is a graduate of the paper science and engineering program at Miami University. He was part of the research team that developed the first commercially successful self-adhesive U.S. postage stamps.

The York, Pa., resident has written 23 Civil War books. His biography of Confederate General William “Extra Billy” Smith won the 2013 Nathan Bedford Forrest Southern History Award and was nominated for the Virginia Literary Award for Non-Fiction. He also wrote several articles for Gettysburg Magazine. Scott maintains a blog on the Civil War history of York County (, and is a local Civil War tour guide for the York County Heritage Trust. He received the 2013 Heritage Profile Award for his contributions to local Civil War history.

He also has written six scenario books on miniature wargaming and was elected to the hobby’s prestigious Legion of Honor in 2011. His great-great-grandfather was a 15-year-old drummer boy for the 51st Ohio Volunteer Infantry and other family members fought at Antietam and Gettysburg int he Army of the Potomac.



HMGS-East official Pete Panzeri presents a Gamer’s Choice Award to Scott Mingus at Fall-In 2003.



Curt Daniels, Scott Mingus, and HMGS-East official Mike Hillsgrove pose in front of Scott’s layout of the action at Fox’s Gap during the Battle of South Mountain. (Fall-In 2002 wargaming convention)


Wargaming Awards


Scott has received several awards for his wargames over the years.

Best Game – Thursday PM Session – Historicon 2002 (I Corps at Gettysburg)
Best Game – Friday Afternoon Session – Cold Wars 2005 (Swift Flowing River)

HMGS-East Battle Streamer – Historicon 2004 (15mm AWI game)
HMGS-East Battle Streamer – Fall-In 2003 (Sweetbriar Creek)
HMGS-East Battle Streamer – Historicon 2003 (East Cemetery Hill)
HMGS-East Battle Streamer – Historicon 2002 (I Corps at Gettysburg)
HMGS-East Battle Streamer – Fall-In 2002 (Reno’s Last Hours)
HMGS-East Battle Streamer – Fall-In 2002 (Fox’s Gap)

Gamers’ Choice Award – Historicon 2004 (15mm AWI game)
Gamers’ Choice Award – Fall-In 2003 (Sweetbriar Creek)
Gamers’ Choice Award – Historicon 2003 (East Cemetery Hill)
Gamers’ Choice Award – Historicon 2002 (Seminary Ridge)
Gamers’ Choice Award – Fall-In 2002 (Reno’s Last Hours)

PELA Award – Cold Wars 2003 (Rebel Invasion of Lancaster County)

Best Painted 15mm Army – Origins 2002 (Barlow’s Knoll)

Best Gettysburg Game – Fall-In 2001 (Peach Orchard)

Attactix Special Terrain Award – Advance the Colors 1999 (Peach Orchard)


63 thoughts on “Scott Mingus

  1. Dennis Morris

    Any idea where I could find the Jeff Leighton movie? This is the first I’ve heard of it.

  2. Dennis,

    I picked up my copy back when it first came out. It is out of print, but every now and then, I see copies for sale at Gettysburg bookshops and gift stores. eBay has had it for sale a couple of times in recent months. If you like dioramas and miniature figures, this is SPECTACULAR and well worth the money. Highly recommended!

  3. Tim Harrop

    I need JR3 gaming info for Rhode’s Div. at Gettysburg.

  4. Tim,

    I sent this to you via private e-mail. Please let me know if you need anything else.

  5. Joe Colflesh

    Hello Scott,
    As I’ve reviewed your articles and your website It seems You and I share many interests. I’m a Johnny reb player but I have been out of circulation for quite some time (unfortunately). Anyway, I just recently earned my Masters in history (with an emphasis in military history). I hope to become a published author in 2008. I want to start by getting a few articles published in periodicals and then perhaps that fateful step into the realm of books.

    I guess you can say I’m obsessive about the civil war in particular. I have approximately 10 ancestors who served in the war, I wargame it, I re-enact it and I delve into as much as possible. My greatest bane is I live in Idaho (which I love) but I hate the distance, between “Spudland” and the battlefields. I REALLY envy you on this point! But such is life!

    Anyway I would like to know how I can get my scenarios for JR published in your periodical. I’ve got several completed and a more ideas. Pleses let me know.

  6. Joe Colflesh

    You look like you like to focus on the human interest stories. Are you aware of the story of Lt. John Crocker of the 118th Penn “The Corn Exchange” regiment (my ancestors regiment)? Its a human interest story I feel ranks up there with Gordon at Gettysburg and Kirkland at Fredricksburg.

  7. Joe,

    The Crocker story is indeed quite interesting! The regiment panicked at Shepherdstown, but acquitted itself quite well the rest of the war. There is an original recruiting poster from the Corn Exchange Regiment currently on display in the museum of the Visitors Center at Gettysburg.


  8. Joe Colflesh

    Yeah I noticed that when I was there this last September. It was pretty exciting to see a document thast my ancestor probably read. My Dad tells me that the Colflesh and Dickson family had accounts at the bank even into the early twentieth century. The regiment and some personal family recollections is about as much as I know about the “The Corn Exchange” bank.

  9. Thomas Beach

    Hello Scott. I am once again coming back into gaming after a 17 year absence. Having just ordered a ton ‘o GHQ Terrain Maker supplies, and wishing to move into 10mm ACW, I am curious to know which rules set(s) are used for such gaming. I have been unsuccessful in my search and wish to purchase rules before constructing terrain. I sincerely appreciate your reply.

    Thomas Beach
    Rochester, WI

    PS — Hoping to make the trip to PA for Cold Wars and look forward to meeting you.

  10. Chris Brantley

    Scott…is the Flames Beyond Gettysburg title in print yet? It wasn’t on the Ironclad Publishing catalog and I couldn’t find it at Amazon.

    Chris B.
    Lawton-Gordon-Evans Brigade

  11. Chris,

    No definitive word yet from ironclad, and they have not yet listed it in their catalog. Very, very, very frustrating, especially the lack of communications and a timeline. I am learning patience…

  12. Bill Cowdrey


    I wanted to pass along to the folks on this site the work Tim Harrop did regarding 15mm flags. I came across his service on this website and decided to contact Tim. I have quite a few miniatures but was tired of the standard flag purchased at the stores. I wanted something more historical. I saw that Tim did this type service and decided to contact him. I started with a few regiments but what I needed was someone to produce a lot of flags for what I have figure wise.

    I informed Tim that I wanted to get the whole Union VI corps and also two Confederate Divisions (Rodes and Penders). I thought he might laugh at me but he responded that he could do it.

    During the whole process Tim kept in contact with me to give me the updates on the progress. With a request like this I knew it would take some time due to some research but Tim produced the 100+ flags in a matter of months. The quality is outstanding and if someone is looking for historical flags to go with the units you create, I highly recommend dealing with Tim.

    I am thankful that I found him and it saved me a ton of heartache trying to get the right flags with the right units.

    If others are interested in having Tim create flags for you, Tim’s e-mail address is

  13. Dear Scott You have been a great influence on me as my guide to civil war diorama’s.I just finished my first diorama of the second day of Gettysburg.This was quite a challenge as I had been working on it since Aug. of this year and completed it on Nov. 12.As soon as I take photo’s of it I would like to send pictures to you.It is a 6’X8′ display from the Round Top’s to Trostle’s farm and from Emittsburg Road to Cemetary Ridge.I constructed the barns out of cardboard and painted them although in the future I could do a better job but as I said this was my first diorama.The farms have crops ,corn and orchards some I made from corrugated cardboard and other materials.Some trees I purchased but most I constructed myself.This was hard work especially with a bad back and other problems from 31years as a railroad man but I enjoyed every minute of it.If you would like to view these picture Scott maybe you could give me some advice for any future diorama’s of the Civil War.Please let me know and where to send them either by mail or website.Thank You for taking the time to read this I know your a busy man.Doug Steinmann ,Syracuse,NY.

  14. Doug,

    I’m glad to be of help! Early in my wargaming and diorama days, I used to go to the local library and read their copies of model railroad magazines for ideas and tips on enhancing the terrain and building structures and layouts.


  15. Kerry Spann

    Would like to join, please let me know the route to use Paypal.


    Kerry Spann

  16. Rick Horner

    I would like to get a subscription to your “Charge” newsletter but the route through PayPal was not clear.
    Please let me know the route to use to pay via Paypal.


  17. For PayPal, simply send me a message with your e-mail address, and I will invoice you on PayPal for the membership dues to the Johnny Reb Gaming Society.

  18. J R Kern

    Thought this might be of interest to you. History of York County, Pennsylvania. John Gibson, Historical Editor.
    Chicago: F. A. Battey Publishing Co., 1886.


    In one corner of the grounds, in a secluded spot, is a mysterious tomb of a soldier
    of the civil war. It has been sympathetically remembered by some patriotic members
    of the Camp Meeting Association, and marked by a neat and appropriate headstone.
    His remains were found and interred near the spot, about the time that the
    Confederate Gen. Early took possession of York, but “of his name and his fame no one
    can tell.” He was clad in the uniform of a Union soldier, the buttons of which
    contained the coat of arms of Pennsylvania, and his cap the number 65.

  19. Dear Sir,
    I am currently working with the help of others on some research for an upcomming Symposium in Columbia, Lanc. Co. I beleive that it is slated for the end of Oct. It is to be about Col. Welsh and the 45th Pennsylvania. I am presently looking for any and all information pertaining to several members that were from YORK and WRIGHTSVILLE that served w/ the 45th. I have found bits & pieces, but no discernable concrete info. I have been using the Digital Newspaper, courtesy of PennState ( and that has given us SOME leads, but I can’t find resources for YORK residents, is there a link somewhere out there for old York news papers from the war? Also the Draft records are great but still leave holes. Again any pointers and help is apprecaited!

    best regards,
    Zach Bleacher
    45th PVI Co.K
    Reenactment Org.

  20. John Nyeste


    Saw on today that you are into miniatures/wargaming. I don’t know if you are aware of or have interest in the following, but I thought I’d give you the link.

    John 53rd PVI Co. C, National Regiment

  21. nicole asbury

    hello, i left a comment on the web site of your other article i was wondering if you knew anymore info on the brick house that you talked about in your one article. The house owned by george dick. this house looks exactly like the one i will be moving into and im pretty sure it is. i saw his grave in the cemetery by this house and thats the one im moving into. ive been dying to know more about the place but cannot find information anywhere. if you could be any help, if you know anything. my email is thank you so much!

  22. Eric Kessler


    Check out the pics of another AWI game that Steve Huckaby and I put on here in Erie, PA at the MiseryBayGamers group:


  23. Frédérique KUENTZLER


    I’m very bad in English. I have see that there is a William KUENZLER on list in August 2009

    I’m french I live near Biarritz and i ask me if William KUENZLER is in my family. No many “Kuentzler” in the world. More in Europa. He can see me on Internet. He writte frédérique KUENTZLER on Google and is good

    Please can you help me? Give my mail at W.KUENZLER?

    Like we say in France “Merci BEAUCOUP” (thank you very much)


    Frédérique KUENTZLER

  24. Hi Charles,

    I work with the CVB down in Tupelo, MS…just up the road from Brice’s Crossroads. We’re trying to promote the upcoming anniversary of this battle, and I’d like inquire about advertising in your magazine, or otherwise getting the word out. Contact me when you can. Thanks.

    Sean Johnson

  25. leon bezdziecki

    i was talking to a man who said he is afiliated with the museum ,i am a vendor at train shows ,,i have new in the box ,an h-o train set ,1860 period, locomotive ,5freight cars and one passenger car ,lettered for USMR,IT’S FOR SALE $100.00 delivered,,,,thanx..leon

  26. To whom it may Concern,
    My name is Al Plocher. I am a member of the California Historical Artillery Society (CHAS)and Re-enact portraying the position of Artificer in the 3rd US Artillery battery L with Same in California. I am also the club’s current Historian. Recently, I Heard someone say that they had an ancestor in a CW Artillery unit with the position of “Wheelman” and as historian, asked if I knew of such a term. I had not heard of this before then. The only thing I could come up with was possibly the driver on the Wheel team pulling the limber/cannon. Can you please define or clarify the term “Wheelman”. Thank you in advance for any help with this question.
    Your obedient servant, Al Plocher
    Artificer, US Artillery, Battery L&M
    California Historical Artillery Society
    530-668-1927 Home
    530-383-7249 Cell

  27. Mostly called “iron riders” than “wheelmen” or “wheelman”.

    That would be more often that not, a buffalo soldier who rode a bicycle-a few exampls you may be interested in reading more about are in the links below:

    Photos on link below:

    Posted above a website regarding The League of American Wheelmen.

    You can read another accounting of it here:

  28. For those of you who were not able to make it to our latest ACW event (1st battle of Manassas) on March 26-27. Here is the link for some pics:


    We all hope to see you next year.

  29. Anonymous

    Scott will you be attending the show in W Middlesex this Sept?

  30. No, my weekends in September are filled with Civil War tours that I am leading of area battlefields.

  31. Hi Scott,
    Can I extend an invitation to readers who might like to join a really different format of European battlefield tour in March? Frantic but fun and probably not for the faint-hearted, but we’ll see a great deal in a relatively short space of time….. Check the website for the itinerary!

  32. mary schaefer

    Hi Scott, I was excited to find your picture of Myers Mill and the associated Civil War information. Samuel Myers (and wife–as she is referenced on the mill dedication–Mary Ann Blausser) are my great great grandparents (Samuel, Zacharias, Charles A., George E. to my mother Mary Joyce Myers. Last weekend we visited the area and took pictures of the mill, Codorus Creek. I really appreciate your excellent, informative research. If you can point me to ways to research the Myers and Blausser families further, I would be hugely indebted. Best, Mary

  33. BradenPotts

    Hello uncle Scott I really look up to you and am planning to read some of your books over summer vacation. I wish you best of luck in the future and tell you my mom Peggy says hi.

  34. Hi Brady! Thanks for the kind words!

  35. Anonymous

    Next picture ypu have taken in your “Union Suit”, button that top button, there may be ladies present and one should not be partially dressed. An old reenactor.

  36. LOL!

    I am not a reenactor, just a book-writing wargamer with a uniform, so the advice is appreciated!

  37. Scott, How does one get hold of your book Enduring Valor: Gettysburg in Miniature?
    Thanks Keith

  38. Hello Keith!

    It is out of print. The publisher, Ivor Janci, is planning to bring it back in digital format. I do not know his timing.

  39. Judy Hopkin

    Hello, Mr, Mingus, I heard you speak at Pennypacker Farm a year or two ago and enjoyed your talk so very much. You were animated and concise, full of energy, and of course knowledgeable. The way in which you speak to your audience is just the way I like it. The reason I am writing to you now is to say how disappointed I become when attending a lecture on the Civil War and find that the “expert” will be reading to me instead of speaking naturally, from his wealth of knowledge. On tv when this happens, I usually turn it off. I find that I can’t focus and my attention wanders. There are many lecture series at Gettysburg and other places, that I would love to attend but am afraid that we will have to sit and be read to. I understand better when I read for myself. I know that there isn’t anything to be done about this so long as there are lazy experts out there, but I had to say this to someone and chose you since you do speak without a script. However, if there is anything to be done could you influence change in this matter? All the best, Judy Hopkin

  40. Anonymous

    Scott, Just found my way to your web site while trying to track down the status of K&L miniatures. I had bougth some HO scale lead ACW figures way back in 1962 to use in an Indian Wars diarama. Long story short, my parents disposed of them sometime after I went in the Air Force in ’68. Never really thought about them until last week when I decided I’d like to recreate that diarama again. Couldn’t remember the company that produced those figures–got a suggestion it might have be Jack Scruby who died 25 years ago, but his line is now produced by a company named HistoriFigs. Found my way to their web site, but no pictures available. Then today, I came across a mention of a company called Thomas/K&L which for some reason sounded somewhat familiar. Via Google, I came across your posting in Dec 12 of K&L figures. Looking down to the 4th picture, I instantly reconized 2 of the Union officers as being among the figures I had back in the 60’s. I saw a mention that they were no longer in business (think it said they had been purchased by someone??) Can you give me any info as to whether anyone was still producing the K&L line of figures, and if so, under what name? Thanks for any help you can provide.

  41. Jerry Ross

    Friend of Ted Alexander. . .any idea where the Dobin House Diorama is? Thanks in advance. Jerry Ross

  42. Many of the figures were supposedly destroyed years ago, although a few are in private hands.

  43. Robert Cairns

    Scott, you mentioned a balck and white template for a 15mm Gettysburg Lutheran Theological building. How can I obtain this? I will be gald to pay what is fair, along with the postage. Thank you,Bob Cairns

  44. I sent you an email with the details, Bob. Thanks for the inquiry!

  45. Hi Scott
    This is a lovely blog that you have created. I stumbled on it when I was doing some research about naval and river combat during the civil war with the intent to start gaming this part of the war to. I have bought the River War rules and some ships. I do have a question for you. How can I go about making new ship data card. I have bought USS Hartford for example and CSS Selma. I have read about Selma and tried to modify existing cards but it is a bit difficult and USS Hartford has a lots of guns so how many gunners should she have? Well I hope you understand what I am going for here and have some advice about how to make new ship data cards.
    Best regards/
    Conny Edman

  46. Scott;
    I am looking (for sentimental, if not self-gratification) for a few units of Duke Seifried’s15mm Confederettes. I provided counsel in his Heritage-Custom Cast merger and business relocation from Ohio to Texas, wargamed with him there but after he left TSR lost contact and never caught-up again.
    Now retired and actively ACW war gaming ACW and Mexican War in Northern California, I’d greatly appreciate the privilege of incorporating some of Duke’s (Stan’s) 15mm ACW into our current forces menage. If you would you be in a position to assist, please advise. Thanks!
    Michael Zeiler, 415-637-4445

  47. Joel

    Hi, me and a friend have done rules and models for a doctor who game. We were excited that a Ezine (Warmaster monthly) was going to have an article about creating and playing our own game and how we went about it. Unfortunately they closed down. All we wanted was for people to see what we’ve been upto. Any chance your mag would be interested?

  48. bob james

    anyone know where to get order dials for johnny reb acw miniatures?


    The Dial Dude was the first person to make them commercially if I recall correctly.

  50. Hi Scott. Hey, do you know of anyone who took any decently detailed hi-res photos of the huge dioramas in Charlie Weaver’s museum before the place closed last year? And has them accessible online, I suppose I should add.

    I didn’t even know they still existed until I saw news stories about the auction. I still have a feeling of awe from viewing them as a kid – so enormous to see them as a grade schooler, especially one who loved making his own dioramas.

    Btw, I used to go to all the HMGS events in PA until about 15 years ago (usually setting up in the flea market section, but also going everywhere to look at the games) – we’d probably recognize each other as having been someone seen in passing a few dozen times a weekend. Fred Sassin & I often set up near each other (we bought were/are plastic toy figures guys, though I was just a collector looking to pass on my excess).

    Thanks for any info you can provide. And I sure appreciate the info you’ve already posted on the Gettysburg childhood temples of:

    Gilbert’s Hobby Shop (wish I had a pic inside the place in its heyday),

    Fantasyland’s Ft Apache (spittin’ image of the Marx fort; I thought I’d dreamed about it and had a false memory of it… and an Indian attack – at GETTYSBURG! – until I researched it as an adult), and

    Ft. Defiance (I still have vague impressions of toy soldiers and dioramas, but only vague…).

    You may be interested in a diorama I built – of the high point of Pickett’s Charge based on the cyclorama image – using Airfix figures and slightly smaller scale metal ones bought at Gilbert’s (pics are in the ‘dioramas’ album – scroll down to it here: The ‘grass’ is actually a decade-old or more layer of dust accumulated on the modeling clay landscape as it sat in storage at my parents’ house. These pics were taken for a college photography course; afterwards I cleaned off the dust then took it all apart. I still have all the parts though… 🙂

    Thanks again.

    Keith Ward

  51. Hi, im currently working on a game about the civil war and want to be able to do a better interpretation (more accurate versions) of the towns and cities form the civil war that will be in my game. At the moment im only able to replicate the streets layout but i see you might be able to help make it seem more like the real versions of those cities back then. please get back to me at i would appreciate hearing back from you.

    feel free to take a look at the website for my game

  52. Hi Keith!

    Thanks for the comment! I took some photos of the dioramas a few years ago, but they are not high res. I was planning to do a blog post but never got around to it. In a quick Internet search, I did not see anyone with a website with high res images of the dioramas. I first went to the museum when I was a kid and was fascinated by them, and went back a few times before the museum closed. I attended the auction and bid on several items, but they all were too expensive for my budget.

  53. Alan lockhart

    Hi Scott,

    I have enjoyed reading your river action games. I am just getting into ACW using Peter Pig and Bay Area Yards 1/600 models.

    Can you recommend a good source for river action scenarios, real or fictional.

    Kind regards,


  54. I have published Bob Johnson’s rules set River Wars, which has some scenario ideas. Another option is to purchase one of the leading rules sets, such as Smoke on the Water, which have scenarios.

  55. Alan lockhart

    Thank you.

    Does River Wars include monitors in the stats for vessels?


  56. It includes stats for the major ships on the Mississippi River. It does not take into account river monitors which were used primarily in the East, nor does it cover oceanic monitors and ships.

  57. Alan lockhart

    Thank you

  58. Larry Lee

    Scott – back in the 1980s I bought a small diorama of a Confederate artillery battery with the name “Wilson” signed on the edge of its base. Any chance you recognize the artist’s name? Would appreciate any information you could provide. I can provide a photo if that might help. Thanks

  59. Larry, I am not familiar with “Wilson,” but would be happy to post a photo and ask my readers for more information if you would like. If so, please send the photo to

  60. Larry Lee

    We’re on the road for the holidays, and will not be returning till after Jan 1 – will send photo then. In the meantime, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    Mr. Mingus,
    I have the following volumes that need a good home. I think you may be able to assist in that regard.

    The Civil War at Sea-3 vol set
    Virginia Campaign 1864-1865
    Rebel War Clerks Diary-2 vol set
    Official Records of Union & Confederate Navies in War of Rebellion-Series I & !!-30 vols
    Supplement to Official Confederate and Union Armies-100 vol set

    All in as un-read condition.
    I can be contacted at:
    Regards, John Kelly

  62. Robert "Bob" Sweeney

    Glad to see a new entry! My gaming group continues to use JR3 and I truly miss “Charge!”. ANy new scenarios for the group to try out?

  63. Hi Bob! Thanks for the comment. I haven’t gamed for several years (my limited free time goes to writing new nonfiction books and speaking to various history groups) nor have I written any new scenarios. I have just retired and closed my global consulting business so I hope to have more time this winter to return to gaming.

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