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Shiloh 1862 contest!!! Forrest Gump author’s new ACW book!

I recently received a copy of Winston Groom’s latest book, Shiloh 1862. Groom has utilized new sources to weave a highly readable account of the bloody battle fought 150 years ago this spring.

The publisher will give away 3 free books to Charge! readers. Here’s what you can do to earn a free book. Simply comment (below) on what you believe the best and worst generalship was in the battle. Who did well; who did poorly? What decisions were lame (or brilliant). I will randomly select the three winners from all of the comments left on this blog entry within 1 week.

And now, here is some more information on Shiloh 1862

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17th Virginia customized and painted by Pawel Chrzanowski

Polish wargamer and modeler Pawel Chrzanowski ranks among the finest painters of 10mm wargaming figures in the hobby today. He has been a frequent contributor to this blog over the past few years. Run a search for his last name in the search box to obtain a list of the links to previous articles and photographs.

Pawel has used a combination of Pendraken and Minifigs figures as the base for his excellent sculpting and conversion work. The rifles are from Chariot Miniatures.

Here are three more photos of the miniature 17th Virginia Infantry, a regiment which served in the Confederate army from First Manassas to Appomattox  Court House.

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Old photos of a private Civil War diorama in Connecticut

Cannonball reader Mark Anderson supplied these photographs which first appeared in the Birmingham News supplement on June 24, 1956. Identifiable figure manufacturers include Bussler, Wm. Britains, and Tru-Craft.

The 1950s marked the beginning of the golden era of toy soldiers. So many manufacturers came and went in the 50s and 60s, with so many wonderful memories for a generation of boys. I had a huge collection of 54mm figures, which included Marx, Timpo, MPC Ring-hand, and so many others. My kids, and now my grandsons, played with them as well, so we have received three generations of fun and entertainment from the toy soldiers.

One wonders what ever happened to the Connecticut diorama shown above and below?

Scan of another page of the old newspaper article from 1956. Ike was in the White House, and interest in action-oriented themes was high. It was the era of Davy Crockett, science fiction, toy soldiers, cowboys and Indians, and the like.

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Custer’s Last Stand — Little Big Horn 1876 Battle Anniversary Commemoration in 28mm

Game Day Invitation



Saturday 9 June 2012

FULL-DAY version of 1-1 wargame w/original Old-Glory 28mm miniatures as presented at ORIGINS, GENCON, HISTORICON & UK.

* LOCATION:   “FAIRVIEW GRANGE” — 6270 Tuscarawas Road, Industry, PA  15052 (Near Pittsburgh, PA)




1.  GAME MASTERS:  Paul Olszanski, Pete Panzeri and LBH Team.


2.  Multi-media Presentations by author/GM Pete Panzeri on

·        The Little Big Horn 1876 Campaign (Osprey, 1996) *[Book-signings@5pm.]


·        Plains Wars Tactics and Operations  (The Ohio State University, 1997)


·        “Crazy Horse Rules!” (SmallWarsPress)


3.   Pre-Battle Planning and Operations Sessions


4.  Mid-Battle “Camaraderie”


5.  Post Battle After Action Review & publication


6.  Video & Photo Sessions for Wargames Illustrated 300th issue.


* Open to all BUT …



* EMAIL: — for confirmation and further instructions. Note: It may be 4-6 days to confirm your spot as demand has been very high.


* Event is FREE, but a small donation onsite for facility/costs may be appreciated.

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