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New music to paint figures by??

Lisa Meyer wrote:

I am pleased to announce the release of my new CD – Voices Hushed and Still…a collection of Southern Songs and Rare Gems from the Civil War Period.

I was born and raised in Harrisonburg in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and now reside outside of Nashville , TN.

I am a member of the UDC Kate Litton Hickman Chapter in Nashville and am a chairman for The Music of the Confederacy for the state of Tennessee .

CD layout was shot at the McGavock Confederate Cemetery in Franklin, TN.

The Song List includes:

* The Homespun Dress

* Old Folks at Home/Oh Shenandoah

* Somebody’s Darling

* Long, Long Ago

* The Rebel Soldier

* Slumber On, Baby Dear

* Richmond is a Hard Road to Travel

* Cruel War/Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier

* Pray, Maiden Pray!

* I’m Going Home to Dixie/Dixie’s Land

* Home, Sweet Home

* When Upon the Field of Glory

You can hear samples of the songs, download and/or purchase at:

The CD can also be purchased directly from me for $14.00 – includes shipping and handling (check or money order made out to me).


Lisa Meyer

6112 Tuckaleechee Lane

Antioch, TN 37013

(615) 469-4046

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New CD from 2nd South Carolina String Band


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Among my Christmas gifts I received this year was the latest CD from my favorite Civil War band, the 2nd South Carolina String Band, a Gettysburg-area group that met originally as reenactors who formed an impromptu campfire band. They have since expanded into a more formal group, with five albums and scores of personal appearances at Civil War reenactments, folk music festivals, special events, and other social gatherings.

This latest work is their first live concert CD, a collection of 28 songs on 2 CDs recorded during a concert appearance in historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. As such, Lightning in a Jar has a much difference feel than the string band’s previous studio albums, although nearly all the songs have been previously recorded. This is toe-tappin’, knee-slappin’ good old-fashioned entertainment of the highest order if you enjoy the period folk music that marked the mid-19th century and the Civil War era. The majority, if not all, of these songs would have been well known to most of the common soldiers of the Rebellion / War Between the States / Civil War.

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The very first new song of the Civil War

Two days after the firing on Fort Sumter, prolific songwriter George F. Root penned what may be the first song ever written about the Civil War; it certainly would not be the last. The First Gun is Fired: May God Protect the Right proved to be an instant hit throughout the North. A day after he wrote the song, Root had the well known Lombard Brothers perform it for the first time in public at the Metropolitan House in Chicago, and he distributed the first new original sheet music of the Civil War that evening to eager patrons.

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New Civil War music! Two Soldiers

Two Soldiers - some really good listening as you paint or model!!!

Al Grund (aka The Would Man) is a talented writer, composer, and musician who has recently released a new CD of original Civil War-related songs he wrote, produced, arranged, and performed. Unlike many Civil War buffs (and artists), his work is non-partisan and apolitical, and is meant to “visit the hearts and minds of people from the common soldier to the elite general.” The lyrics in Two Soldiers: Reflections on the War Between the States capture the mood and attitude of the period and evoke a variety of emotions and feelings as the war symbolically progresses through the eight songs from the beginning of the war to its close.

Alternating styles from blues, rock, and folk music, Grund masterfully paints a vivid word and musical picture of the Civil War and its combatants and civilians. His guitar work is superb, and his harmonica playing is really quite good. The disk is available on CD Baby, as well as from other on-line vendors for about $11.95, a very price considering the quality of work.

From a wargamer’s perspective, this is great music to stick into the CD while painting or modelling terrain for your wargaming session. Living near Gettysburg, I plan to listen to this one while riding around the battlefield, as it evokes some interesting perspectives on what might have been.

Well done, Would Man, well done!

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New music from 2nd South Carolina String Band


I picked up a copy of the 2nd South Carolina String Band’s newest CD this past Sunday afternoon while in Gettysburg for a book signing. This is the group’s fourth CD and, frankly, it may be their best. Most of you are aware how much I enjoy this band, as it was one of my late father’s favorites. This latest effort is a well done mix of some well known tunes (My Old Kentucky Home, Listen to the Mockingbird, etc.), some lesser known songs that were popular in the 1860s, and some great parodies from the soldiers (Listen to the Parrott Shell, Southron’s Battle Cry of Freedom, and a southern version of Dixie). Some great stuff in this collection!

This is very good music to pop in to the CD player as you ride around the battlefield! It’s also good as background music when painting wargaming figures. Pick up a copy today!

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Music to wargame or paint figures by!!


Reader Andy MacDonald-Rice of merry ole’ Wales is a buff of American Civil War music (and he’s one of the more talented painters of miniature Civil War figurines that I have come across). Andy read my thread on the 2nd South Carolina String Band and sent me a list of ACW music that Charge! readers might enjoy. Many of these titles are available from on-line sources that ship internationally.

Of his list, I have several of the Bobby Horton titles. Horton’s style and interpretation of these classic songs is something that I have long enjoyed. I like to put on one or two of his CDs while I am wargaming, as they provide great background music. The creators of the TalonSoft series of PC computer gamers must agree, since they included Horton’s songs in their Civil War series.

What is your favorite Civil War band or singer? Leave a comment explaining who you like best and why? Any of these bands that you do NOT recommend or like? Why?

2nd SC String Band

Southern Soldier



Hard Road



In high Cotton



Dulcem Melodies

Acoustic Shadows of Blue and Grey

Marching the Road of Valor



Echoes through Time I



Echoes Through Time II

Bobby Horton

Homespun Music of the CSA 1-6



Homespun Music off the Union Army 1-5



Homespun Songs of Faith

Dave Mathews

Shades of Blue and Grey



A Nations Broken Soul

Jimmy Phillips

Rebel Soldier

Wayne Erbsen

Battlefield Ballads of the Civil War



Ballads and Songs of the Civil War



Love Songs of the Civil War



Southern Soldier Boy



The Home Front

52nd  Regimental String Band

Voices of Shiloh



Voices of Gettysburg



The Dissolution Wagon

The Camp Chase Fifes and Drums

Volumes 1-3

Cumberland Blues

Soldiers Joy

5th Michigan Band

Reflection of the Civil War



Hymns of the Civil War period



Echoes of the Civil War



Sounds of the Civil War

119th  NYSV Field Music

Volume 1

26th NC Regt. Band

Music on the March

David Kincade

The Irish American’s Song



The Irish Volunteer




A good resource is

 Go into SEARCH and enter “American Civil War”

What other music do you like?

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The best ACW camp music group????

Dad in his Army Air Force WWII uniform

Sgt. Robert E. Mingus

One of my fondest memories was a Saturday five years ago when my beloved Dad, a veteran of WWII then in his late 80s),  and I attended the annual Civil War relics and collectibles show in Mansfield, Ohio (a huge event that all Civil War buffs should attend at least once in their lifetimes). As Dad and I wandered around this sprawling show, we both paused for awhile to listen to a lively minstrel string band, dressed in Confederate reenactor uniforms. My Dad loved them and commented how authentic they sounded. He grew up in the southeastern Ohio Appalachian hill country during the Roaring ’20s  and was no stranger to good music. The group playing in Mansfield was the 2nd South Carolina String Band, and they were really entertaining.

My Dad passed away in May 2005 while I was on a business trip to Finland, and I struggled through a year and a half of depression, personal pain,  and heartache. Last summer, as my sons and my daughter-in-law attended the annual Gettysburg reenactment, we heard the lively strains of “Camptown Races” coming from one of the sutler’s tents. It turned out to be the very same band that my Dad and I had enjoyed on our final Civil War outing together. So many memories rushed back, and, frankly, it was a healing moment. I bought one of their CDs, Hard Road, and became hooked. For Christmas, my wonderful wife and best friend Debi gave me another of their CDs, this one a collection of camp songs entitled In High Cotton. During a book signing last month at the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg (I sold out of my book that day!), I picked up another of the 2nd SC String Band’s outstanding CDs, this one being Southern Soldier, a nice blend of camp songs and martial tunes. It includes one of the very best renditions of “Dixie” that I have ever heard.

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