The best Civil War diorama???

South Carolinia Confederates from Kershaw’s Brigade approach the Rose Farm at the Battle of Gettysburg in this photo of an outstanding privately-owned Civil War diorama. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Fellow message board poster Dennis Morris may have the very best Civil War diorama I have ever heard of. He sent me a few photographs with permission to reproduce them in my upcoming Brother Against Brother ACW scenario book, Brothers Divided.

Here are a few more photos – note the detail and quality of this layout! Huzzah Dennis, huzzah! Watch for the new scenario book to see photographs of several ACW layouts from the masters. And, if you have a Civil War diorama you have made, please inform me and I will consider adding yours!

The attack of Law’s Division against the Union defenses on Devil’s Den during the Battle of Gettysburg. Another fine example of Dennis Morris’s modeling skills. Note the Union reinforcements that have formed in Plum Run Valley (the “Valley of Death”). In the foreground are some of the Alabama troops in the “Slaughter Pen” area at the foot of Big Round Top.

Union skirmishers along the Wheatfield Road / Rose Farm defensive line await Kershaw’s advance while Federal artillery tears holes into the oncoming South Carolinians.

Another view of the Rose Farm action from the miniature helicopter hovering high overhead… the National Park Service has recently replanted the old Rose orchard (seen here in miniature at the top left of the photo) as a part of their Gettysburg battlefield rehabilitation plan.

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6 thoughts on “The best Civil War diorama???

  1. How does it compare to the one at the camp grounds?
    James Mattes

  2. The one at the campgrounds is far larger – as it depicts the entire battle of Gettysburg. So far, Dennis has focused on the area on the southern part of the battlefield. However, his buildings and terrain are far more detailed and accurate (the Artillery Ridge Campground’s diorama uses more generic buildings, and the terrain is not quite as nice). Still, I do enjoy it very much and see it once a year or so.

  3. Scott, i actually met one of the Kershaw family’s decendants at a recent frontier campout. He and his son were from Genl Kershaw’s brother’s line. We had a very interesting conversation.


    Years ago ALDERFER AUCTION COMPANY in Pennsylvania auctioned off a magnificent GETTYSBURG diorama created by GEORGE BERARDI . Over 1,000 54MM metal painted figures which included horses, cannons , and asssorted battle debris depicted the dramatic moment of PICKETT’s CHARGE on Cemetery Ridge at the angle in 54MM scale . I would like to contact other GETTYSBURG DIORAMA collectors who posted to determine their asssestment of the BERARDI diorama compared to other 54MM GETTYSBURG dioramas —– Please contact MRBUSSLER@AOL.COM

  5. Jerzy Urbanowicz

    Jestem stałym obserwatorem tej wspaniałej dioramy. Prezentujecie zawsze piękne zdjęcia. Bardzo miło się Waszą stronę ogląda.Serdeczne pozdrowienia dla Was i wszystkich miłośników tej dioramy. Jerzy Urbanowicz modelarz z Gubina-POLSKA.

  6. All are very coooool.

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