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Three New Books from Osprey


Our friends at Osprey have recently released three new titles of interest to history buffs and/or wargamers. One is a fantasy book on Wizards From Merlin to Faust which is lavishly illustrated. This is part of Osprey’s “Myths and Legends” series. Wizardry has been a popular topic for several years, with the Harry Potter series of books and movies, as well as several other similar media series. Fantasy wargaming continues to enjoy a large following globally.

The other two new books are historical books. Continuing the “Combat” series, Osprey’s editors bring you Roman Soldier Versus Germanic Warrior. When I was a kid, I enjoyed reading about the Gauls, Franks, and other similar bands as they battled the Roman legions in what is now central Europe.  This book offers a concise look at the training and combat tactics of the Romans, as well as their armament and weapons. Information on the defending Germanic tribes is less precisely known, but the author gives us the best available details on their combat abilities.

The final of the new titles was timed to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the Overland Campaign, which began with two deadly battles in Northern Virginia. Wilderness and Spotsylvania 1864: Grant versus Lee in the East gives a broad overview of the strategic situation, the opposing commanders and the organization of their respective armies, the tactical fighting, and the aftermath. As usual, the maps, custom illustrations, and other graphics are up to Osprey’s usual high standards.

Here are a few photos from randomly selected pages in these three books.

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The Battle for Fort Phil Kearny: Part 6

Troops Close the Ring

Scene 13

This poses an interesting dilemma for Colonel Carrington; does he accept the surrender of one band of 50 while still being attacked from the outside by over 1500 warriors.


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The Battle for Fort Phil Kearny: Part 5

Scene 11 InfantryFiring

With the QM gates now closed behind them, the Sioux warriors inside the QMY quickly realize that they are cut off from reinforcements. Likewise, the much larger contingent of Sioux still outside the stockade see their pathway into the fort extinguished. Both groups continue the fight with renewed fury. With the cavalry troopers now intermingled with the Sioux, the usefulness of the mountain howitzer is ended; however, it has played a critical role in preventing the incursion from overwhelming the troops and civilians in the QM Yard.

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