John Mayer’s 10mm ACW wargame at Gettysburg

Now that’s an imposing line of bluebellies! They aren’t facing mere Georgia militia, however; instead it’s the Army of Northern Virginia.

John Mayer of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, owns a side business known as Round Top Miniatures. He sculpts and molds his own line of 10mm Civil War buildings based on actual buildings on the Gettysburg Battlefield. I have reviewed his products on the Charge! blog in the past. He and his son recently played a wargame using some home rules based upon the free rules set, “Shades of Blue and Gray.”

Another view of John’s wee warriors aligned for the coming battle.

In the words of Col. Adin Underwood of the 33rd Massachusetts at Gettysburg, “The whole army watched the grand sight, as the long lines and solid columns moved steadily out, brigade by brigade, with regimental colors and division and brigade pennons waving.” War could be a spectacle, until the killing started.

The battle is about to be joined.

Sometime in the future, John hopes to expand his layout to create the entire battlefield of Gettysburg in the 10mm scale at regimental / battery level. Now, THAT would be very impressive!

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