The 1863 battle of Helena, in 40mm


Ian Fainges, Brad Smith, and the wargamers from Down Under (Australia) are back with another great 40mm American Civil War miniature wargame. This time, Ian has graciously sent me photos of their recent game depicting the battle of Helena, Arkansas, fought on July 4, 1863, during the Vicksburg Campaign. The Union victory secured eastern Arkansas for the Federal government for the duration of the war. The battle featured cavalry, a black regiment from Arkansas, infantry, artillery earthworks, and the USS Tyler, a riverine gunboat.

Here are some of the photos of this interesting-looking game!


What an impressive model of the Tyler!!! Wow!


Here are the Indiana and Kansas cavalry at work!


And the 2nd Arkansas Colored Infantry (US)…


The Union-held earthworks bristled with artillery…


The battle is joined. Lieutenant General Theophilus Holmes commanded the Confederate forces at Helena. His subordinates included Sterling Price, Jo Shelby, and John Marmaduke. Shelby was one of the best, though now largely unknown, Southern cavalry commanders in the entire war.


Logistics and supply are an important element in any battle.


Thanks, Ian, Brad, and the gang for these photos!


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