More 40mm ACW from Brad Smith and Ian Fainges!

Smith1Australian wargamers Brad Smith and Ian Fainges are back with some more photos of their great 40mm American Civil War wargaming layouts. Inspired by Karen Rodes’ McPherson’s barn I presented in a past Charge! blog post, Ian decided to customize another building and partially scratch build his own 40mm version of this historic structure on the Gettysburg battlefield. Nice job, isn’t it?

The guys played their first ever 40mm ACW wargame a few weeks ago (Brotherton FIeld at Chickamauga). Here are some photos!

Brad writes, “Our group in Brisbane played our first ACW game in 40mm last Saturday. It was a Chickamauga scenario based on Confederate General AP Stewart’s divisional attack at 3:30pm on Sept 19, 1863 against Van Cleve’s Union division deployed near Brotherton Field.

There were 10 players in all and the 6 turn game ended in a nail-biting draw that threatened to go either way at various stages. It even featured two sections of those baby mountain howitzers (part of 18th Indiana Bty) which were moved by some quite ‘ornery mules.

 Ian (who I think fancies himself as a Southern newspaperman man) took the photos below.”

Click on each thumbnail to enlarge the image for easier viewing.

Chick 1

Chick 2

Chick 3 Chick 4 Chick 5 Chick 6 Chick 7 Chick 8 Chick 9 Chick 10 Chick 11 Chick 12Chick 13 Chick 14 Chick 15 Chick 17

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